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Our work is in harmony with Mother Nature as we strive to protect the environment. Also we have been working hard to ensure that our programs are growing and expanding to be able to reach and help more survivors and more families, and one of our goals is that they become self-sustaining and income-generating to not always depend on outside funding and support.


This is about being successful in producing the intended results. Our staff who are also survivors understand the needs of our members and of our community and this connection makes our interventions to be more effective. Anything that we do we get training and improve the quality, as you can see the baskets and bags we make, it is very important for us to do things properly and with love and care and attention.


Our organization and programs are run by members of the community. We involve the community in every step of the process and address the issues that matters to them. Our staff, members and beneficiaries are located within the community and they can easily access the organization when they need help. We provide training that builds skills amongst the women as well as safe housing and schooling for orphaned and vulnerable children.


We believe we have a duty and responsibility to take care of those less fortunate who have been through hard times and are struggling. Golden Women Vision in Uganda has set up rules and guidelines, which are to be followed by both staff and members. We have a responsibility to our community to improve the quality of life and well-being of all. And we have a responsibility to our sponsors and donors to use their money properly and wisely, to show them everything how we have spent their donations to help the people.